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Daniel J. Bourassa, DC PhD

I am very excited to be offering State of the Art
Class IV Medical Laser and NEURA LASER Therapy!
Discover Painless Relief from...
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes
  • Accident Related Concussion Syndromes
  • Headache
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About Dr. Bourassa

 "Based on 30 years caring for patients, I feel that education, communication, and patient - doctor partnership are essential in addressing your health problems. My focus is not only to get you well but to empower you with the knowledge  I've gained through continuing my medical education to help you  to stay that way."

Dr. Bourassa is a researcher in laser photobiostimulation and an educator with the American Academy of Laser Therapy.  He was previously the Laser Research Coordinator at the Einstein Medical Institute.

Dr. Daniel Bourassa Bio

Daniel J. Bourassa, DC PhD

Dr. Bourassa's Bio

Dr. Bourassa is chiropractic physician and researcher/educator with over 30 years of clinical experience in patient care and rehabilitation. He holds a PhD in Biomedical Science.  Dr. Bourassa was the Laser Research Coordinator at the Einstein Medical Institute currently lectures and teaches laser science and therapeutic applications for the American Academy of laser Therapy.  His individual biomedical research focus is transcranial laser therapy and photodynamic nanocarbon fullerene applications.  He is also a 3rd year medical student in the USAT, School of Medicine.

Dr. Bourassa has practiced in Northwest Florida and Alabama since graduating Summa Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta, GA in 1989. He has post graduate education in diagnostic imaging, nutrition, bioenergetics medicine and has completed over 200 hours in Chiropractic Rehabilitation, the AAPM Diplomate program in Pain Management and the Functional Medicine University modules.   He has extensive clinical chiropractic and multidisciplinary practice experience.  Current volunteer provider at Health and Hope Center, Pensacola and past volunteer at Saint Andrews Community Medical Center offering chiropractic care to disadvantaged and poor.

Dr. Bourassa is a published author, researcher, and educator and he was a member of the Journal of Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Editorial Review Board. His work and projects  can be found on Researchgate and several online web publications.

Dr. Bourassa is currently completing his medical clinical rotations but continues to maintain a limited practice in functional medicine and laser therapy in Pensacola, FL and Gulf Breeze FL focusing on chronic pain, degenerative and autoimmune disease, as well as advanced medical laser therapies.   Patients are seen by appointment.


PhD and Masters Degree in Biomedical Science.
Presently 3rd year Medical Internship attending the University of Science, Arts and Technology School of Medicine.

Functional Medicine University – Certification training in Functional Medicine (all modules completed - ongoing advanced research study in mitochondrial bioenergetics in disease, medical applications of fullerenes, and advancement in anti-aging medicine.)

Electro-dermal Screening certification – 2001
International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists – Clinical Nutrition and
Clinical Neurology - 1997

DRS, Inc., Managed care and utilization review certification- 1994
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College - Diplomate Program in Rehabilitation, 1995
Parker College of Chiropractic - Impairment Rating and the Law, 1994
Cleveland Chiropractic College - Rehab Certification Series, 1993, 1994
Palmer College of Chiropractic - Fellowship Studies Program in Computed Tomography
Scanning and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 1991, 1992
National College of Postgraduate Education - Physiological Therapeutics, 1989

Florida Chiropractic physician license CH0006116 Date: 02/1990-present.
Alabama Chiropractic physician license #1264  Date: 10/1989-2013 (currently inactive)

American Association of Acupuncture and Bio-energetic Medicine – EDS Level I-2001
Chiropractic Rehabilitation Association - Rehabilitation 1996
American Academy of Pain Management - Pain Management 1991
National Board of Chiropractic - Parts I, II, III, and Physiotherapy 1989

Valedictorian, Summa cum Laude - Life Chiropractic College 1989
Appointment to Advisory Board for Meridian Medical, Inc. 2009

Electro-Kinesiotherapy - an effective low tech rehabilitation technique. D Bourassa, FCA Journal, 2002
Beta-Sitosterol - Why Eating your fruits and vegetables is good advice
D Bourassa, DC. FCA Journal 2001
Niacinamide - Silencing the Aging Gene: Another Look at Clinical Uses for the other B3. D Bourassa, DC. FCA Journal 2001
Silver, mild silver protein and what you should know about a safe and effective antimicrobial therapy adjunct. D Bourassa, DC; G Wilcoxson, MD; W Dean, MD. FCA Journal Jul-Aug 2001 pp 28-31.
Carnosine: A Remarkable Multipurpose Anti-Aging Nutrient. D Bourassa, DC, W Dean, MD. FCA Journal 2001

The Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging. W Dean, MD; D Bourassa, DC FCA Journal Mar-Apr 2002 pp 21-23, 29
Clinical Results of Application of Low Level Laser Therapy in
Body Contouring and Spot Fat Reduction. D Bourassa, V Podichetty.  Abstract presented The 9th Annual Symposium on Adipose Stem Cells and Clinical Applications of Adipose Tissue, Nov. 2011
Clinical results of application of low level laser therapy in body contouring and spot fat reduction. D Bourassa. Chiropractic Economics August 6, 2013
Uncharted territory: The use of transcranial low level laser therapy for the management of mild traumatic brain injury. D Bourassa, Clinical Concerns, Chiropractic Economics, Issue 1, 2017
Back to life: Understand the benefits and science behind mTBI treatments. D Bourassa, Clinical Concerns, Chiropractic Economics, Issue 6, 2017
Transcranial Low Level Laser Therapy (tLLLT) in the Chiropractic Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury D Bourassa,  Researchgate Open Access April 2017
Commentary: The Effects of Photobiostimulation in Brain Injury-a New Consideration for Clinical Practice. D Bourassa, Researchgate Working Paper Open Access April 2017 DOI10.13140/RG.2.2.11591.91045

Cutting-edge Care: Treating TBI with transcranial photobiostimulation. D. Bourassa, Clinical Concerns, Chiropractic Economics, Issue 6, Apr 3, 2018

Northwest Florida Multidisciplinary Pain Consortium 1993-1995
Credentialed Baptist Hospital, Pensacola FL 1994 to present
Credentialed Andalusia Regional Hospital, Andalusia, AL 2000 to 2007
Meridan Medical Advisory Board, Nov 2009

Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association CEU Instructor
Expert Medical Advisor: Florida Division of Worker’s Compensation
Rehabilitation and Medical Services Unit
American Academy of Pain Management - Diplomate
International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine
American Association of Acupuncture and Bio-energetic Medicine
Florida Chiropractic Association, CHIROPAC - Trustee
American Chiropractic Association
ACA Council of Physiologic Therapeutics
American College of Sports Medicine
Chiropractic Rehabilitation Association
Preferred Chiropractic Physicians, Inc. - past Board of Directors
Northwest Florida Chiropractic Society - past President

American Academy of Laser Therapy - Educator