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Daniel J. Bourassa, DC PhD

I am very excited to be offering State of the Art
Class IV Medical Laser and NEURA LASER Therapy!
Discover Painless Relief from...
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes
  • Accident Related Concussion Syndromes
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

All without drugs, or surgery.

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Why choose our Care
Dr. Daniel Bourassa
With 30 years in practice, Dr. Bourassa is a doctor with a mission to show you how you can transform your health. He will work as a partner to relieve your pain and restore balance and health to your life.
Why Functional Medicine
In simplest terms, think of it as the ultimate in personalized, one-on-one, therapeutic relationships focused on the root causes of your health issues.  Dr. Bourassa looks beyond the laundry list of symptoms; he take the whole person into account.
Quality Care
Why Chiropractic Medicine
Quality care involves time, careful analysis, and patience.  At Emerald Coast Functional Medicine,  we treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has.  By addressing the underlying root causes of illness and disease, Dr, Bourassa is able to design unique, personalized healing plans that more traditional healthcare practitioners often don’t have the tools, training, or the time to do.
Chiropractic Medicine is a natural and holistic discipline that recognizes the importance of structure and function and it's close relationship with the nervous system in influencing overall health.  Combining it with root cause focused care is a perfect pathway to return to vibrant, sustainable health.
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Discover new ways to get and stay healthy.  Dr, Bourassa posts timely topics about information you need to know.  Check back often and feel free to comment or ask a question.
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  1. Feel Better Today
    Same day appointments are often available.
  2. Lose 3-9" Fast
    We offer Body Contouring with the safe, painless, and effective Lapex 2000 BCS Lipolaser.
  3. No Insurance Neccessary
    We offer reasonable fees and quality care and we'll tell them to you up front.
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